The Complete Guide to Headless WordPress and How it is Disrupting the Market

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Introduction: What do you mean by “headless” wordpress?

Headless wordpress is software that can be used to generate content without the need for a website. It is instead hosted on the headless cloud so it can be accessed anywhere.

Why Should You Move to Headless WordPress Now?

Headless is a software architecture for WordPress, in which the user interface and web server are decoupled from each other. It allows a user to edit content from anywhere without having to log into or go through an extra step of cloning the site.

In this section, we will talk about how it makes life easier for developers, agencies, and bloggers to set up their blogs in a short amount of time.

How to Configure Your WordPress Website for Headlessness & What are the Advantages of Doing so?

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS in the world. However, it does not come with content management features on its own. These features need to be added with plugins.

This article will show you how to configure your WordPress website for headlessness and the benefits of this configuration.

Why Bloggers should be Excited about Headless WordPress!

Bloggers and content creators of all kinds will be able to use WordPress as a headless CMS, giving them more freedom and independence in the content they want to create.

It will allow bloggers to have more control over their content distribution, allowing them to publish through any CMS.

Conclusion & Resources Mentioned Throughout the Guide.

WordPress is the most popular CMS of today. With more than 30% of websites running on WordPress, it’s no surprise that there are many people who want to make their WordPress blog headless.

A headless blog is a theme or child theme without any code related to posts and pages and other content management functionality.

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